Is anyone else having difficulty with shorting in myteam? Playing domination and triple threat online/offline are just not possible to make any shots that are not a green light and the only things I get are away layups, it was not like that in MT NBA 2K21, I'm just wondering if anybody has a problem with this? I found they had a upgrade but I do not think it came out yet and that I don't think it effects myteam. From watching some boundless gameplay, it appears shooting is way easier in unlimited than in tt and dom. Dbg was greening running leaners from unlimited selection, that is not something that you can do in tto or offline. Not sure whats going on in unlimited.

I must have a handicap and will call and place my doctor appointment this week if this new shooting functions perfect and only ability difference. I have to have a handicap and will call and place my doctor appointment this week if this brand new shooting works perfect and just ability difference. I believe a virgin with his fingers has better chance flicking the bean right than I do flicking my thumb to hit shots. Possibly If I only buy more packs and badges and players it will make it right? That's always the response.

Does anybody know if following the patch the right stick shooting is still preferred over with the square/x button to take? Bc I remember that before the patch, the game was put up to make it easier to green with the right rod and much less inclined to green with the button. Thank you! Bro I have been as resilient as I can believing I was going to figure this shooting outbon TT Offline/On. Just like you said Layups, post moves and dunks are fine, but shooting a jumper.... Just not happening. I have made a few and I've been at it for days. Even if you receive it on the line occasionally it doesnt green 100% of those times. Greening is way hard regardless of who you have got. Sure hot zones assist, but a lot of the guys have like one Hot Zone like Luka and Porzingis. It's seriously frustrating. I have tried learning with shooter stick planning with Sam Pham's DFS, that is simply not sensible. I have spent hours in clinic in MyTeam.

Somebody just sat in the paint with Shaq letting me to shoot with ruby Klay Thompson. Square button no great, correct stick shooting no good, DBG two finger directly stick shooting no good smh gotta love it. I have the specific same problem, prior to and Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins after the"upgrade" I was still airballing wide open 3's with Klay Thompson the only shots I make are greens.